Full details of the price breakdown for your hand-folded I Qube You sets are available here.
Find out about design costs, printing costs and shipping costs.


The minimum order is 30 sets. The price depends on the quantity. The larger the quantity ordered, the lower the unit price. There is no maximum order. Prices will be calculated individually for orders of 2,000 units and over.
The minimum order is 30 sets.
The minimum order is 30 sets.
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The shipping costs are separate from the printing costs. For consignments within Germany they are calculated as follows:

Package up to 3 kg: € 12
Package up to 10 kg: € 19.50
Package up to 31.50 kg: € 22.45

Orders delivered outside Germany will be shipped at the rates applicable to the relevant country. Details are available on request.

Parcel delivery to German islands will incur a surcharge of EUR 11.00, applicable to postcodes including: 18565, 25845, 25846 – 25847, 25849, 25859, 25863, 25869, 25929 – 25933, 25938 – 25942, 25946 – 25949, 25952 – 25955,  25961 – 25970, 25980, 25985 – 25986, 25988 – 25990, 25992 – 25994, 25996 – 25999, 26465, 26474,  26486, 26548, 26571, 26579, 26757, 27498 Helgoland, 83256,  78263 – 78266 Büsingen (EUR 50).


We have prepared very distinctive, new designs which are free of charge for your I Qube You sets. We regularly add new designs, so it’s worthwhile taking a look now and again.

We have also chosen the highest quality paper and we fold the pop-up cubes by hand to ensure that you get the very best quality.


Haven’t found the design you want yet? Or would you like to send the pop-up cubes for a different occasion? Please feel free to ask us about a custom design possibilities.

Prices for custom design start at € 750 net (calculated on a time and materials basis).

Costume Design


Personalised envelopes incl. importing and checking the database (guest list) will be calculated individually upon request. The guest list must be uploaded as a .csv file.
In the .csv file every column including first name, surname, street, house number, postcode, town and country must be listed separately.

See what the sample document should look like here:

Sample document